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Updated: 23 min 40 sec ago

ABPS Acknowledges Contributions of MSPs to Healthcare Leadership in U.S.

Fri, 11/08/2019 - 21:33

The American Board of Physician Specialties joins the U.S. healthcare community in acknowledging the importance of medical service professionals (MSP) in commemorating the National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week. In 1992, President George Bush recognized the first week in November as National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week and since then, medical facilities and government agencies have celebrated the importance of medical services professionals.  ABPS promotes the importance of MSPs in verifying physicians’ credentials to help ensure the highest quality of medical care is delivered.
MSPs continue to evolve as they now have more roles to fill than ever before. MSPs performed more administrative duties in the past, but their role has developed to have more responsibilities such as working with gap analysis, primary source verification, telehealth credentialing, allied-health practitioner credentialing, and reconciling a manual process with new technologies. The medical industry has switched to electronic record keeping, which has reduced the number of workers in an organizations managed services office. Due to the lack of workers, MSPs are overloaded with a number of duties such as coordinating medical staff onboarding, managing credentialing, and acting as the liaison between hospitals and staff.
There is more demand for higher education and training among MSPs because of how complex the job has become. It is important to recognize the hard work MSPs perform on a daily basis as their role continues to become more challenging. View the article here.