FROM THE ARCHIVES - Nearly 60 Years of Experience Leaves the Industry - Good luck Sally and Lynne!

I am writing this article on the flight to Corpus Christi where I will be attending TSMSS. As I reflect upon who I want to catch up with this year when I arrive, I am reminded that two of our long time members will not be there --Sally Boesdoerfer and Lynne Glover. Why? because they have retired.

I have always admired Lynne and Sally and looked to each of them as mentors over the years, so I could not let their retirement go by unnoticed and wanted to take this opportunity to recognize their contributions to our profession.

32 years ago Sally Boesdoerfer joined Medical Center at Plano in the Medical Records Department. In 1982, a position was created in Administration called “Medical Staff Coordinator” which Sally applied for and the rest is history. A two-time recipient of the “CMSC Award of the Year “(Now CPMSM) from NAMSS the Medical Staff of Medical Center in Plano highly respected Sally’s wisdom, expertise, friendship and guidance over the years.

27 years ago, Mr. Gil Glover said to his young wife, “hey there is a position open in the Medical Staff Office at Methodist Medical Center” and Lynne applied. She was interviewed by Pat Starr and filled some big shoes replacing Cindy Gassiot Lynne’s love of the industry was instant and her natural 6th sense about an application was immediately put to work.

I met up with Lynne and Sally over dinner a while back and they reflected on their relationship with the medical staff. They commented that the evolution of the organized medical staff has saddened them both. Changes in healthcare and generation differences has complicated how the medical staff functions and likewise had the same effect on Medical Staff Services.

They are both most proud of their rewarding relationships with the medical staff as mentors, colleagues and friends. In addition, both Lynne and Sally were President of TSMSS and proud of their accomplishments in positioning the organization to allow for continuous growth and success.

They both agreed that the most challenging is managing people and never being able to say the words “I am all caught up.” Also, as all of us must do in this profession, Sally and Lynne scheduled their personal life around the Credentials and Medical Executive Committee Meetings, missing only a handful of MEC’s in their combined years of service.

Words of Wisdom: Sally – Never sell your integrity nor sacrifice the truth and Lynne - Have knowledge, integrity, credibility, and honesty. Sharpen your listening skills and develop relationships.

Lynne and Sally’s careers were certainly landmarks in our industry. Their accomplishments will always be appreciated and remembered by those of us who continue on. Please join me in wishing them a Happy Retirement!!

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