Next Chapter Meeting- Thursday May 28, 2015

Presentation Title: "The Ethical Conundrum of Professional Boundaries: When to Say Whoa, When to Say No"

Speaker: Dean White, DDS, MS

Location: Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, 800 W. Randol Mill Road,

Arlington, 76012 -  McCrae Building, Room C1 and C2.

Topic: Health Care Professionals Boundary Vulnerability

Objectives/Questions to be Addressed:

  • How to recognize potential problems through provider behaviors;
  • The importance of effective policies to define harassment an impairment,  including steps for managing those who violate policy;
  • How to identify types of harassment;
  • Establishing processes for re-entry for the provider required to participate in education or rehabilitation programs;
  • How do you begin to address/determine that a physician may have an impairment
  • What causes physicians to become impaired?,
  • What are the treatment options for an impaired physician?;
  • Are aging physicians considered impaired physicians?;
  • What do we (Medical Staff Services) disclose?

Special thanks to Santé  for providing our speaker and meal.

Santé Center for Healing